From the planning of Intelligent Nanjing City to the implementation of a series of intelligent applications during Project 125, Nanjing has undergone tremendous changes based on the new e-government information platform. With its independent product technologies and customized industry solutions, Ruijie helps its clients to overcome the complexity of e-government extranet construction and comprehensively enhance the efficiency of Nanjing informatization applications as well as the operation and management of the intelligent city.

The 4 Requirements of Secure e-Government Platform
With the planning of Intelligent Nanjing City, the e-government platform which represents the comprehensive management capability of a city should be well developed.
For this, the client proposed 4 basic requirements with security as first priority.   
Unified Planning: The IP address, routes, domain names and MPLS VPN should meet the standard requirements of the State Information Center.
Security Isolation: the MPLS VPN division should be supported and high-performance firewall should be deployed to protect the data center. The e-Government website servers should also be protected by web application firewall.
Application Management: The e-Government extranet offers refined security protection, bandwidth management, dynamic intelligent domain name system and Internet log management.
Regulatory Compliance: According to the Classification Guide for Classified Protection of Information System Security, level 2 security protection is required for information systems of internal and external networks to meet the basic requirement of the Classified Protection of Information System Security.
3 Major Features of the e-Government Platform: High-Performance, Comprehensive, Simplified Operation & Management.
As the core of the Intelligent Nanjing City, the Nanjing e-Government Extranet plays an important role in the intelligent management such as improving city management, security, and emergency command.

  • High-Performance Firewall Deployed at the Core: Based on the centralized traffic forwarding feature, firewall is deployed at the core to achieve security isolation and access control of the whole network.
  • Multiple Security Measures to Ensure Network Security: Multiple security measures are deployed at the e-Government extranet such as access control, vulnerability scanning and virus protection, to ensure comprehensive network security. Intrusion detection system is also deployed to achieve real-time monitoring and incident recording of the servers.
  • Simplified Operation & Management to Improve Work Efficiency: Manage the business applications by automatic monitoring of servers, operating system, databases, middleware, application software and network equipment. Operating performance is pre-assessed to facilitate the administrator to keep abreast of the condition of the comprehensive e-Government platform.

The official of Intelligent Nanjing Project expressed, “Ruijie’s overall solution works closely with the plan of the project team and leverages the technical advantages of Chinese brands to offer a unified, efficient, secure and reliable e-Government information platform which continues to improve.