Under the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce of Harbin, there are 8 branch offices, 12 county (city) offices and 225 management centres. And under the city bureau, there are further 17 functioning offices, 1 deputy director unit, 4 divisions, 6 subordinate units and 17 subordinate centres. There are also a number of affiliated mass organizations such as independent labour association, private enterprise association, consumer association, industry and commerce association, advertising association and so on.

The whole project has involved 260 industry and commerce management centres. To fulfil demanding video and voice services in the future, the deployment has to take aspects such as product performance, service quality and multi-service carrying capacity into full consideration.

  1. The network devices are required to provide outstanding stability to guarantee normal operation of various intranet applications (e.g. 12315 and integrated services).
  2. To cope with the pressure from video conferencing, the devices have to offer superior bandwidth scalability, larger throughput and better efficiency. The solution and devices are capable to handle heavy core network features such as heavy traffic and centralized traffic.

The solution has deployed Ruijie RG-RSR7708 as the WAN core router. The 240 industry and commerce management centres in Harbin are interconnected via VPN and 8 bureaus through the dedicated network. The solution satisfactorily meets the performance and security requirements of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce of Harbin.

  • Security: Centrally organize all the routing protocols in the intranet. Offer better security with isolation on the routing level.
  • Outstanding Performance Platform: Ruijie RG-RSR7708 is a leading multicore router offering exceptional scalability up to 40G. The router delivers a modular operating system and isolated hardware architecture. It effectively ensures stable key nodes of the core network and hence improves the overall stability.
  • Guarantee Key Services: Advanced QoS reserves bandwidth for key services. Allocate bandwidth based on the actual demand to support smooth operation.
  • Scalable Services: The RG-RSR7708 router supports fast and secure data encryption with a built-in encryption engine. The talented router also offers a modular design for high performance, modularization, easy usage and rich port varieties. The device is a representative of the next-gen routers to support client’s future business expansion.

Client Benefits:
The solution offered by Ruijie delivers an excellent, secure and reliable network for the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce of Harbin. Teaming up with the leading routing devices, the platform is the most reliable of its kind to fully support all the service systems.