About the University:
Administrated by the Ministry of Education, Wuhan University is one of the key universities in Project 211 and 985.  The university encompasses the Faculties of Humanities, Science, Engineering, Information Sciences and Medical Sciences, and serves around 50,000 full-time students currently.


Project Background:
In 2015, Wuhan University planned to construct a large-scale Wi-Fi network over the dormitory area, and reform the authentication and accounting system as well as the wired network of the dormitory and campus. This plan aimed to achieve the integration of wired and wireless networks, and optimize the network architecture to boost the operation and maintenance efficiency. This would significantly enhance the user experience, while solving a variety of problems, such as the slow pop-up portal authentication page, disconnection of wired users, old core and aggregation devices, and difficulty to maintain the excessive access devices as well as multiple authentication and accounting systems.



  • 2 RG-N18010 Switches are deployed at the core which adopts the VSU technology to realize virtualization and virtualize 2 core switches into one, achieving unified management and hot standby.
  • Empowered by the VSD technology, the core VSU divides the physical core switches into multiple virtual core switches, which enable the centralized gateway and authentication for the dormitory network, office network and wireless network respectively, and achieve management of logical separation and security isolation. Each virtual switch can be restarted and managed independently.
  • 5 RG-S8607E Aggregation Switches and more than 100 RG-S2910-24GT4XS-E Switches are deployed for the Faculties of Humanities, Science, Engineering, Information Sciences and Medical Sciences, adopting the QinQ technology to achieve the standard access configuration and user isolation.


Customer Values:

Offering an Open and Integrated Platform

Ruijie’s RG-MACC-SAM, which incorporates the 3 existing authentication and accounting systems, along with the RG-N18010, which integrates the authentication of the wired and wireless networks, offers no coupling between the authentication system and wired/wireless devices, and paves the way for equipment of other vendors to connect with the university authentication and accounting system.
Significantly Elevating the User Experience

  1. The fast pop-up portal authentication page is enabled by Ruijie’s exclusive portal noise reduction technology and the centralized authentication of the high-performance RG-N18010 Core Switch.
  2. The RG-N18010 flattens the network and isolates each port/user of the network using QinQ to effectively isolate the security threats such as Layer 2 broadcast and ARP spoofing, thereby eliminating the problems of network disconnection and interruption.
  3. Users can flexibly choose from multiple authentication modes such as portal, 802.1x and PPPoE for much simpler and more scalable user experience while reducing the user authentication problems.

Greatly Reducing Maintenance Workload

  1. The university is only required to manage 1 authentication and accounting system and 1 RG-N18010 device to achieve the wired and wireless authentication over the entire campus. Compared with multiple former authentication and accounting systems as well as the wired and wireless authentication devices of other vendors, the maintenance workload has been significantly lowered.
  2. The access device adopts the VLAN 1-24 standard configuration and Ruijie’s simplified configuration tools to achieve plug-and-play and save a large amount of workload in maintaining the access and aggregation devices.


Project Highlights:
Ruijie’s Simplified Operation Solution uses the flat network architecture to minimize the investment cost of aggregation and access devices, and lower the maintenance workload of the access network, thereby significantly reducing the manpower and time investment.


Customer’s Evaluation:
We are impressed by the open and high-compatibility network architecture that features a faster connection speed and eliminates the disconnection problem. We especially appreciate the professionalism of Ruijie’s post-sales team, which ensures a smooth network migration and meets our customized requirements.