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Virtual Desktop Product Overview

The Ruijie Cloud Classroom, acclaimed as the revolutionary product of bringing modern education into the era of Cloud Computing, has resolved a series of performance problems such as low efficiency, high cost, weak management, difficult maintenance and undermined user experience, enabled by technologies of cloud computing and virtualized desktop, in multiple educational scenarios across computer classrooms, multimedia classrooms and teachers’ offices.

At the end of 2013, the Ruijie

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  • RG-Rain100 v2

    Equipped with a powerful processor, small local flash memory and simplified operation system, the RG-Rain Cloud Classroom Devices are industrial-grade end devices tailor-made for the education industry. The RG-Rain Cloud Classroom Device Series supports a processor of low power consumption but high operating performance, local flash memory for operation system storage and local system memory. The RG-Rain Cloud Classroom Device Series with the non-removable components provides a more reliable and
  • RG-Rain200 v2

    The Ruijie RG-Rain100 V2, RG-Rain100S V2 and RG-Rain200 V2 Cloud Classroom Devices are the core compenents of the RCC Cloud Classroom Solution. The light and compact contemporary design of the Cloud Classroom Devices create an immaculate environment for the modern classrooms, while the diverse ports support the connection to a variety of external devices.
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