Customer Requirements
E-schoolbag has been a modern teaching trend. In the class, each student needs to watch online videos and perform interactive operations simultaneously. Therefore, 1000M access environment like the wired network is required to ensure that e-schoolbag teaching can be carried out smoothly.

Ruijie Solution
Since Ruijie Networks released the latest 802.11ac product RG-AP530-I in September 2012, the 1000M top-speed era for wireless networks has been opened, which would ensure the access effect of terminals, and make the wireless access rate surpass the wired access rate.

The 1000M wireless network platform ensures that students and teachers can make voice dialogs or perform interactive operations smoothly. In the e-schoolbag teaching project of Miyun No.2 Elementary School, the greatest challenge is to download and play MP4 video files. The 1000M wireless network platform provides a real-time downloading rate of at least 400 kbps for each terminal and does not display any buffer prompts. It also safeguards the e-schoolbag service and provides a zero-delay wireless network environment.