Product Overview

The E8211 Training is intended for technicians who want to participate in the RCNA certification. It consists of instructor led training with lecture and practical hands-on sessions. The topics covered include (but not limited to): IP, OSPF, serial line interface protocol, spanning tree, RIPv2, VLAN, Ethernet, DHCP, WLAN and access control lists (ACLs).
Course Objective
Upon completion of this training, the trainee will be able to:
Outline the required technical knowledge points in RCNA certification
Deploy and manage an enterprise network with less than 100 nodes
Prevent and eliminate basic network security threats
Outline the wireless network access requirements
Product Content
This product contains a four-day course conducted by Ruijie authorized instructors. The application need to be submitted to the Ruijie Networks University one month ahead.
The training contents are as follows:
Theory Sessions
Chapter 1 Networking Fundamentals Chapter 2 Switching Technologies
Chapter 3 VLAN Chapter 4 Redundant Links in a LAN
Chapter 5 IP Protocol and Subnet Planning Chapter 6 Routing Technologies
Chapter 7 RIP Chapter 8 OSPF
Chapter 9 PPP Chapter 10 Campus Network Security
Chapter 11 NAT Chapter 12 DHCP
Chapter 13 WLAN  
Practical Hands-on Sessions
1. Basic Configurations for Switches 2. Configure Telnet on a Switch
3. Implement VLAN Across Switches 4. Implement VLAN via Single-arm Routing
5. Implement VLAN via Layer 3 Switches 6. Configure Rapid Spanning Tree
7. Configure Port Aggregation 8. Basic Configurations for Routers
9. Configure Telnet on a Router 10. Configure static routing
11. Basic Configurations for RIP 12. Configure RIPv2
13. Basic Configurations for OSPF 14. Configure single OSPF area
15. WAN Protocol Encapsulation 16. PPP PAP Authentication
17. PPP CHAP Authentication 18. Switch Port Security
19. Control network traffic via standard IP ACL 20. Control access to application services via extended IP ACL
21. Implement VTY access control via ACL 22. Enable a LAN to access the Internet via dynamic Network Address Port Translation (NAPT)
23. Enable an Internet host to access an intranet server via NAT 24.DHCP server and DHCP relay
25.WLAN:AP mode fat 26.WLAN:AP mode fit


Target Audience

The E8211 Training is intended for the following technical personnel:
Ruijie service partner associate engineer
SME network administrator
Network integration engineer
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Product Model Description
E8211 Training Contains a four-day course by Ruijie authorized instructors. The application need to be submitted one month ahead.
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Product Model Description
E8211 (RCNA written exam) The exam is necessary for RCNA.  The validity period of certification is three years.  You must pass the E8211 exam to obtain an RCNA certificate.