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  • City Wifi Project for Hefei City of China

    To construct the broadband network required by the State Council and provincial government and adhere to the spirit of Opinions of the Peoples Government of Hefei on Accelerating "Broadband Hefei" Construction and Promoting Data Consumption, the Economic and Information Commission of Hefei has formulated Action Plan on Accelerating and Promoting WLAN Construction in Public Areas in Hefei (2015-2017).

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  • Ruijie Simplistic Campus Network Solution for Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium

    Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium was one of the sponsor venues of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and hosted football preliminaries of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Ruijie Networks, as a leading network equipment solution provider in the industry, deployed a campus network inside the stadium to ensure that journalists can publish instant reports, thereby implementing real-time live broadcasts and efficient communication.

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  • Ruijie Hi-Speed Wi-Fi Network Success Case in Guizhou Tianhe Tan Scenic Spot

    Guizhou Tianhe Tan Scenic Spot is famous for its typical karst landform. Tianhe Tan once attracted tourists with its natural scenery featuring in mountains, water, caves, ponds, waterfalls, natural bridges, and canyons. On the National Day in 2016, Tianhe Tan Scenic Spot was re-opened. Apart from the new cultural landscape, including flower sea, story street, and water show, the satisfactory Wi-Fi network everywhere in the scenic spot ensures that tourists enjoy a variety of fun.

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  • Glory Sea - Take a Luxury Cruise Ship for Travel, Enjoy a Luxury Wireless Network

    In Robinson Crusoe, the protagonist lost his connection with the outside world and lived a primitive life alone on an isolated island. In the mobile Internet era, people who are accustomed to constantly keeping in touch with the outside have to endure zero network access when traveling at sea. In the vast sea, people on the isolated information island seem to be modern Robinson Crusoes. Aware of this demand, Diamond Cruise International adopted a full-scenario wireless solution to build a luxury wireless network for its luxurious cruise ship Glory Sea.

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  • Ruijie Simplistic Wireless Solution Deployed in Nankai University

    Nankai University, affiliated to the Ministry of Education, is a key university of "Project 211" and "Project 985", and has a total of about 25,000 full-time enrolled students. In 2013, Nankai University completed partial construction of the "IPv6 technology upgrade subproject" for Chinas Next Generation Internet (CNGI). The wireless network building has been put into agenda of the university.

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