Cloud Managed Switch for IP Surveillance
RG-ES200 Series Cloud Managed Layer 2 PoE Switches for IP Surveillance

With the growing video surveillance industry in China, there are various surveillance equipment manufacturers and brands offering products of different qualities, which has increased the probability of surveillance network malfunction. At present, the technical threshold of most of the engineering companies engaged in surveillance projects is relatively low. When encountering surveillance network failure, they are unable to locate the problem quickly, causing high workload to the operation and maintenance staff. Therefore, in order to solve the pain points of the current video surveillance industry, Ruijie Real-easy Series has launched a series of smart surveillance switches.

Ruijie Reyee smart surveillance switches offer a variety of port options to meet the needs of video surveillance networks of different scales. Ruijie Reyee smart surveillance switches support full-power PoE output to ensure that all cameras can be powered simultaneously when connected to the switch at maximum capacity. In addition, Ruijie Real-easy Series smart surveillance switches provide simple and easy-to-use management features while offering plug and play with default factory configuration, which can quickly locate the surveillance network faults, initiate PoE port restart, perform VLAN configuration, etc. Ruijie Cloud app and Ruijie Cloud platform remote management is also supported, making the operation and maintenance of the surveillance network easier and more convenient, while reducing operation and maintenance costs.




Put Your IP Surveillance Network Into Your Phone

RG-ES200 Series Cloud Managed Switches for IP Surveillance

  • Self-organizing Network
  • NVR/Camera Recognition
  • VLAN Configuration
    by Mobile
  • Real Time
  • Failure
  • Port Reboot

It’s a switch that can recognize cameras.
Also a topology with cameras and NVRs, routers.

Port Status At-a-glance
On Your Mobile Phone

Offering You a Clear Perspective

VLAN Configuration on Mobile Phones,Visualized Configuration Experience

Breaking new ground with easy operation experience on mobile phones

Failure Alarm and Fault Positioning

Quick Response — Excellent Troubleshooting Assistant

Remote Single-port Restart

Port restart is a better solution than equipment restart. Single-port restart is a better solution than restarting all the ports. Remote single-port restart is even better than on-site single-port restart.

Auto Equipment Discovery
Supporting Hybrid and Easy Deployment

All switches can be deployed after scanning the QR code by the mobile phone.
Hybrid deployment with routers and APs are supported

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