1-to-1 HR/RFR Warranty:

The following describe the warranty terms are generally applicable to Ruijie Networks products sold and market under Ruijie Networks International Business Division*1.

1-to-1 HR/RFR means a Warranty Period for Product hardware is covered by twelve (12) months ‘Hardware Replacement’(“HR”) AND tweenty-four (24) months ‘Return For Repair’ (“RFR”).   For Products with 1-to-1 HR/RFR, the ‘Hardware Replacement’(“HR”) policy will apply for the first twelve (12) months with five business business day ship-out (“5BD-Ship”) from Ruijie Networks Spare Parts Centre AND next tweenty-four (24) months with ‘Return For Repair (“RFR”) policy after Ruijie Networks issues the Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) number.

  • the ‘Hardware Replacement’ (“HR”) policy which aims to ship the replacement Product on the five business day (“5BD-Ship”) or
  • the ‘Return For Repair (“RFR”) policy which aims to ship the replacement Product thirty (30) Calendar Days (“30CD-Ship”)*5 after receipt of the faulty Product at the local Ruijie Networks Spare Parts center.

Products list covered by 1-to-1 HR/RFR Warranty.


For Products not listed above, please contact our local Ruijie Networks service representative for Ruijie Networks Warranty obligations.

*1 Ruijie Network Co., Ltd International Business Division generally market and sold her product(s) globally with the exception of countries: Belorussia, Cuba, Syria, Sultan, North Korea, Iran, Ukraine, China(Mainland). Kindly please refer to your local Ruijie Networks sales or account manager if you have query about the countries of coverage.